11 Apr

Why Chemistry Matters on Nobelprize.org

Chemistry, especially in the media, sometimes gets a bum rap.  That’s too bad, and a notion we as a society of scientists need to change, because everything in the world around us is chemistry.  From the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, to the gas in your car, to the cell phone in your pocket – there is virtually nothing that chemistry isn’t an integral part of.  More Americans need to realize this.  That’s why it is so great to bring a series of videos, calledChemistry Matters, to your attention.  These are short videos, aimed at students, which have the goal of communicating the importance of chemistry to our life. Check them out.  They are very interesting and thought-provoking for virtually anyone at any grade level.

One Nobel Laureate expounds, “If there is any one subject that an educated person should know in the world, it is chemistry.”  For us here at DISCUS, it is hard to disagree.  Thanks to Meg Young, chemistry teacher at Lamar High School in Arlington, TX, for bringing these videos to our attention.


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