05 Apr


The procedure Think-Pair-Share-Square, an extension of Think-Pair-Share, is well suited to groups of four students.  The procedure for Think-Pair-Share is followed as described (in a prior LEP/SIOP blog post).  Partners one and two share, while partners three and four are also sharing.  The partnerships then share across the table.  In this setting, one pair of students will be encouraged to summarize what they have discussed when sharing it with the other pair, and vice versa.  Also, this interaction facilitates further clarification of shared ideas.

I want to thank Mrs. Emily Vissers, a retired 5th grade teacher from Ellicott City, MD for contributing this effective teaching strategy.  As we all know, sharing one’s knowledge and assimilating new ideas is an important part of becoming a better teacher.  That is why we are so pleased to have a series of contributions from Mrs. Vissers that we will be posting in the near future to help spread the word.


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