It’s time to start planning for the next step. Whether that’s the next grade or moving onto college, DISCUS can help you succeed…

Schoolchildren in a science classFor those of you moving onto college, DISCUS wants to help by letting you know about special programs at colleges and universities across the country. Many of these programs are designed to help a student population that is continually increasing in diversity. Most of these programs are targeted toward students having limited English proficiency (LEP) or those who are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

On the DISCUS site, you can find a bunch of neat activities and experiments to perform at home or in school. Visit our Activity Corner to find new and easy ways to enjoy the mysteries of science.

We have also compiled a list of useful links, tailored for K-12 students that provide information on: preparing for college, succeeding in the classroom, and experiencing science outside of school. Additionally, we always welcome new suggestions about how we can improve our site and offerings to match your needs. To submit comments or questions, click here.

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Userful Links

Cool Science: With features such as “Ask a Scientist”, “Becoming a Scientist”, and “For Curious Kids”, this site has something to satisfy your curiosity.

Discovery Education Student Adventures: These cost significant money, but Discovery Education provides opportunities for guided trips all over the world. Traveling to different places brings once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, appreciation for other cultures, and knowledge of the world around us.

Do Science: Bored? Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, you can try some of these fun and interesting activities.

Fun Science Resources Especially for Students: Wow! No matter what subject you like the best, you will find a link to something interesting to explore on this site from Michigan Reach Out!

Just for Kids: Excellent graphics and audiovisual effects for modules on plants, food, weather, insects, and lots of other things.

Science Kids: Experiments, games, and fun facts…this site has it all for a variety of different science subjects.

Science made simple: Well, you’re supposed to come up with your own ideas, but here are a few to help you make a great science fair project.

Science with me!: For elementary age children, this site features a ton of science animations, games, movies, coloring book pages, worksheets, and projects.

Steve Spangler Science: Cool and fun science activities and even ideas for science fair projects can be found at this highly interactive site.



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