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biology lessonThe DISCUS program wants to help your child succeed in science, in school, and in life. Sometimes barriers exist, not because of intelligence or motivation, but because important concepts are not communicated in the most understandable manner. When science concepts are poorly understood, fear and frustration can result. Some students simply do not learn well through traditional classroom lecture. In an effort to reach the broadest range of students, we want to provide effective lessons that appeal to multiple intelligence. Some students learn best by seeing, some by doing, some by hearing, and some by writing. When combinations of these strategies are incorporated into a lesson, or multiple lessons, the concepts they contain can be effectively communicated to more students. We have placed a particular emphasis on promoting the creation and dissemination of lessons that meet best-practices for reaching students having limited English proficiency (LEP). In this way, every student in the classroom can benefit from these innovative lessons, which contain extensive graphics, audiovisual, hands-on, creative artistic, kinesthetic, and group activities.

This website provides functionality for teachers and educators to search, share, and create 5E science lesson plans. Parents can get involved, too. If you home-school your children, or simply have some good ideas for science lessons and materials, we would be happy to hear your ideas. Please send us a message. As a home-school parent, we would be happy to provide you “Educator” access to DISCUS lesson materials.

This website also provides an extensive list of programs at colleges and universities across the country that are designed to help LEP students. If your child is currently searching for the ideal university or college to pursue higher education opportunity, perhaps viewing our compilation of higher education programs and opportunities will help make decisions easier. Other resources can also be found through our listing of useful links.

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