21 Jul

Electromagnetic Motor!

So, it’s hot, and you are bored at home, or in need of a science fair idea, but you only have a battery, a magnet, some copper wire, pliers, and wire cutters.  Well, that’s enough to make a simple homopolar motor.  A homopolar motor is a simple motor which uses a electromagnetic field to work. 

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11 Jul

Casein Glue

We all know how it happens… you are right in the middle of an arts & crafts project and you run out of glue.  It can be so frustrating, but did you know that you probably have all of the things around your house that you need to make your own glue?  Here’s how to

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28 Nov

Tornado in a bottle

The classic demonstration of the tornado in the bottle is to connect two bottles head to head with a special adaptor.  The problem is that not everyone has one of those at home (you either have to order one from a teacher resource magazine or find one at the hardware store).  Well, here is a simple way

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13 Oct

Bright and Shiny Pennies

Nothing’s nicer than a shiny new penny, but it doesn’t take long for those pennies to become old and dull.  However, by following the simple easy steps below, you can make your old pennies shiny and like new again…fast!  You can also learn a little science while you’re doing it.What you need:  A few old

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13 Oct

Egg in a Bottle

Want your friends to think your a genius?  Tell them you can make a hard-boiled egg squeeze through the opening of a Gatorade bottle in one piece, without touching it.  Then, follow the steps below.What you need: a hard-boiled egg, deshelled; an empty Gatorade bottle; a strip of paper (~3 inches x 3 inches, rolled up);

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12 Oct

Dancing Raisins

There was a classic commercial several years ago with cartoon raisins in sunglasses singing, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” but this is a little different.  This activity is still entertaining, even if it might be difficult to outfit your raisins with little sunglasses.What you need:  A tall, clear glass or cup; 1 can of

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11 Oct

Secret Message Revealed

Secret messages and codes are as old as writing itself.  However, the best secret messages are written in invisible ink.  Follow the activity below to learn how to write and then reveal your own secret messages.  This is a great activity for 4th – 6th grade students.What you’ll need:  Medium-sized bowl; Tincture of iodine (this

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