12 Sep

EPA Water Science and Technology for Students and Teachers

Not the most visually stimulating site, but the EPA does provide a variety of activities to support learning of water quality and water management aspects of science.  These activities are tailored to different grade levels.  These materials would be great for supporting a multitude of environmental science and water chemistry lessons prepared by teachers.

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09 Sep

Steve Spangler’s 2010 Hands-On Science Boot Camp for Teachers

Steve Spangler Science is a great resource for teachers and parents.  A variety of informative activities and interesting materials are available through their website, and by purchase.  Now, Steve Spangler Science is offering a hands-on boot camp to paid registrants at several sites across the country, where they will teach you their secrets and provide you a whole

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08 Sep

ACS ChemClub for High School Students

The American Chemical Society (ACS) encourages high school students across the country to form a ChemClub.  The goal of ChemClub is to provide opportunities and encourage students to experience chemistry beyond the classroom, get involved in community building, and learn about careers in chemistry.  Each ChemClub can have its own unique identity and focus.

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08 Sep

National Chemistry Week Poster Contest for K-12

Each year, the American Chemical Society (ACS) sponsors a national poster contest for K-12 students.  This year, the theme is “Behind the Scenes with Chemistry”.  This competition is a great way to encourage student to learn more about chemistry in everyday life.  The ACS also encourages using this event to set-up your own poster competitions in

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05 Sep

Cabbage Juice Indicator

Prepare your own indicator and pH paper at home from red cabbage.  Test various liquids at home to see if they are an acid or a base.  Cabbage contains a chemical compound that naturally changes color when subjected to acidic and basic solutions.  Download the instructions for this activity here.  This activity was designed by one

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