21 Aug

DISCUS breaks 50 lesson plan mark!

DISCUS now has 50 and counting K-12 science lesson plans, free and available for use by science teachers.  Lessons cover many different topics and all grades.  All lessons have gone through our rigorous peer-review process to ensure quality.  They feature a 5E format and incorporate a multitude of sheltered instruction teaching strategies.  This format is

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21 Jul

Electromagnetic Motor!

So, it’s hot, and you are bored at home, or in need of a science fair idea, but you only have a battery, a magnet, some copper wire, pliers, and wire cutters.  Well, that’s enough to make a simple homopolar motor.  A homopolar motor is a simple motor which uses a electromagnetic field to work. 

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21 Jul

DISCUS breaks 1000 registered users!

We now have more than 1000 registered K-12 teachers, parents, and students registered on the website and using all of the great free resources we have available.  Thanks to all of our current registered users! If your not yet a member of DISCUS, and you have any relationship to K-12 education (even if it is

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11 Jul

Casein Glue

We all know how it happens… you are right in the middle of an arts & crafts project and you run out of glue.  It can be so frustrating, but did you know that you probably have all of the things around your house that you need to make your own glue?  Here’s how to

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05 Apr


The procedure Think-Pair-Share-Square, an extension of Think-Pair-Share, is well suited to groups of four students.  The procedure for Think-Pair-Share is followed as described (in a prior LEP/SIOP blog post).  Partners one and two share, while partners three and four are also sharing.  The partnerships then share across the table.  In this setting, one pair of students will

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30 Mar

DISCUS on Facebook

Diversity in Science in the United States is now on Facebook.  Pretty soon, we’ll have this blog linked through twitter and then we should be set on the social networking front.  Please visit our FB page and “like” us.  If you aren’t yet following this blog, please become a follower.  Through these media, we can keep

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14 Feb

New STAAR Charts for Science EOCs are Published- Hasta la Vista, Nu!

NEWS FLASH!Finally, the new reference materials/formula charts for the Science STAAR/EOC Tests are available on the Texas Education Association’s (TEA) website! The previous charts were designed before the TEKS for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics were rewritten this past summer, so they did not reflect the actual content we anticipate will be on the STAAR/EOC test.

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