DISCUS has been an NSF-funded educational outreach and pedagogical development program since 2009. We have enjoyed three years of outreach to the community running booths at the Texas State Fair.  We have enjoyed phenomenal interaction with K-12 teachers both at UT Arlington and in the community to develop a critical mass of available lessons.

DISCUS is seeking to continue to expand its reach and offerings, in an effort to become a premier resource site for K-12 students, teachers, and parents.  We are seeking additional funding to continue resource development, including finding more ways to incorporate, disseminate, and popularize ideas contributed by our users.


DISCUS will be a premier educational destination resource.  K-12 teachers will enjoy an expansive (and still free) offering of high quality lesson plans spanning all grades and all areas of science.  K-12 students and parents will enjoy rich content related to a multitude of fun at-home experiments, resources for continuing education, and science fair ideas.  The site will serve as central point for idea sharing and discussion in the K-12 science education community.

Meet Our Guest Bloggers

Janice Pyles has been a Science teacher for 25 years. She has taught biology, IPC, and Chemistry, from remedial to AP and is currently teaching Pre-AP and AP Chemistry at Burleson High School in Burleson, Texas. She believes that if students get to see how cool science is then they will love it too! Janice’s most rewarding experience lately was at the AP Institute this summer at TCU where I saw three of my former students who are now teaching Chemistry.

Blake Wade is currently teaching AP/Pre-AP/General Chemistry at Kennedale High School in Kennedale, TX.He is in his 8th year teaching and his primary research interest is in biodiesel production and synthesis techniques. Blake published his first paper in 2010 with ASEE over the use of computer modeling and kinesthetic labs in the high school chemistry class. He also wrote his Masters thesis over Academic dishonesty: cheating, impulsivity and socioeconomic status.

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